How M-Commerce Software Can Enhance Your Business

In daily life we seem to spend more personal time on our mobile devices rather than desktops. We shop online, and the most attractive device for that purpose is a tablet. We browse for products and services, buy and sell them through mobile devices, which now have become at least as important as desktops. This means the shift from e-commerce to m-commerce. Business people who sell products and services now have to consider the mobile growth by adjusting their online shops. And mobile software is the main working tool of m-commerce.

Tablet, being ‘the golden mean’ between smartphones and laptops, has gained the rule of mobile commerce. It’s more compact and offers easier navigation and browsing, than a desktop. More than a half of tablet owners shop online. Smartphones are basically less convenient tools for online shopping; however, new smartphones gain bigger and bigger screens. Somewhere in between are phablets, which rapidly gain popularity and don’t seem to slow the growth. All these devices have countless users, who make up a great area to cover by m-commerce. And if you want to reach them and offer your products and services – make your e-commerce tools mobile.

There are two ways to enhance your commerce – mobile applications and mobile websites. Both are powerful assistants in the area, both have use and prospects. Mobile apps are quite good for loyal customers, while websites can reach everyone across platforms. Both of them make up a sales channel which greatly differs from the conventional one.

Here we can say that having a mobile website for e-commerce is an absolute must. The recent web development tools, such as HTML5 and CSS3, offer even better opportunities to create the user experience your clients expect. Mobile shopping presupposes quick search and purchasing. That’s why all the extra information that can be found on a desktop website, is left out in a mobile. Shopping experience on a tablet (and even more on a smartphone) is absolutely different from that on a laptop. It’s hard to count how many customers/purchases are lost when a person enters an e-commerce site, which isn’t mobile-optimized, which is overloaded with excessive information and small font size. A search will also bring customers to a website. That should really be a priority in your m-commerce strategy.

Mobile apps bring high customer satisfaction from the shopping experience of a favorite brand. Apps can save purchase history and give recommendations on products and services. This software is more suitable for increasing and supporting customer loyalty. While for small businesses a mobile website will be enough, for medium and large retailers it is quite reasonable to further launch apps at least for Android and iOS.

Having your online store optimized for mobile browsing and purchasing, is a necessity on the way to success. It will turn a new page in your commercial strategy and will assist you in keeping up with the competition on the market.

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